Elon is the leader of the Company of the Storm of the Free People faction. Elon is, though a captain of the Salath Guard, pretty undisciplined, yet he appears to be a born leader. His talent at fighting and leading troops is undeniable and his Watcher gifts give him even more self-confidence. He shaped the Company of the Storm carefully, creating an impressive group of fighters dedicated to bravery and quick action.


Elon was born in the opulent city of Salath, capital city of the Free People. His parents were rich merchants, loving folks who provided their child with a good education in the hopes that he would one day inherit the family business. However, Elon was hot-blooded and cared little for business and other grown-up endeavors. He spent most of his days and nights in the streets, wandering the gigantic bazaar of Salath with a gang of bold kids he rallied to his side. He basked in the epic stories of travellers, hoping he would one day have adventures of his own. When he was old enough to pass himself off as a teenager of legal age, he sought work as a hired hand and began to accompany caravans on their trips. Elon learned the reality of fighting and death on the road, and drew his first blood from a bandit with the very sword his enemy brandished against him. He still wields the bandit’s weapon to this day, as a reminder of his first victory. This first battle made him understand his path. He was naturally gifted with a blade and couldn’t bear the thought of not winning – even if he knew the idea sounded childish, Elon deeply believed that he was intended for a great destiny. It only made sense that he should enlist as an official Guard of Salath. The Guard of Salath was an ensemble of many different lineages and personalities, where the only thing that mattered was one’s talent with a weapon. Elon perfected his swordplay among them and quickly gathered around him the fighters no one else could command. As time and missions went by, he recruited unconventional combatants and united them into a unique group. His team earned a reputation for wholeheartedly enjoying perilous missions and rushing to battle without question. As reckless and insanely talented as their leader, they relentlessly assaulted and crushed their enemies. Elon vowed that they would not stop until the world remembered their name and carved it in history: the Company of the Storm.